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ASPIRE Classes
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Adult Sunday School Class 

A Bible Study on the Book or Malachi  prepared by Ray Reynolds will be lead by Carol Hauenstein 

Malachi means "my messenger" It may be a shortened form of a compound word spelled in a similar fashion that means "messenger of God." Since the term occurs in Malachi 3:1 and since both prophets and priests were called messengers of the Lord, some have suggested that "Malachi" may only be generic title and that tradition has given the author that name.  If that is the prophet's name, which is my opinion, very little is known about Malachi except what is stated in his book.  HIs writing is the last Old Testament book and it seems he was the last Old Testament prophet.   

It is believed that Malachi was written around 400 BC.  you can tell by the events found in the book that it is obvious written after the temple work was finished.  

Come join us at 9:00 Sunday morning for the study of minor Prophet Malachi.  Beginning January 7 for 4 weeks.  


 Youth Sunday School - Opportunities for children of all ages:

Early Risers: 9-10 AM mixed ages 4-5th grade: Bible lessons and Craft Opportunities for Children whose parents attend adult Sunday School.

Nursery: 10:15 - 11:30 AM (During Worship service) Infant - age 3

Our Church Nursery serves as a place for our youngest participants to receive the nurture and care that they need during worship services. Children may be accompanied by a caregiver or left to be cared for by Trained nursery volunteers. 

Gateway to Worship: 11 - 11:30 AM ( children leave for class following Children's C hat until worship ends)  age 3 (and toilet trained) - 2nd grade: 

Offers developmentally appropriate play and learning activities that relate to weekly Bible lessons. Children learn to trust adults, other than their family  members, to guide them in their faith journey. Children are invited to attend worship with their parent and come to the front of the church for Children's chat to receive a special message before transitioning to their classroom. 

Compass:  11- 11:30 AM( children leave for class following Children's Chat until worship ends)  Grades 3-5

Bible lessons taught from the NRSV, Emphasis on increasing biblical literacy and relating lessons to church practices. Students from this class serve as acolytes for worship service and participate in small mission projects throughout the year. 

Youth Sunday School:  11- 11:30 AM (Youth should meet following the Sermon until 12:00 noon in the Youth Room unless otherwise indicated on the door) Grades 6+.

Bible lessons that emphasize interpretation and historical context of scripture. Students are encouraged to wrestle with broader faith questions. Students at this age are encouraged to take a more active role in church function and /or leadership. Consequently, older students may feel more suited to remain in worship during class.