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"Jesus' Third Expression: Family"

Text: John 19:25b-27

Luke 8:19-21


            This morning, we continue our sermon series on Jesus’ seven last expressions from the cross. This third expression or word is recorded by John alone, who himself was among those huddled at the foot of the cross on that dark Friday, which we in hindsight call “Good Friday.” But there was nothing good about it at the time.

"Jesus' Second Expression: Paradise"

Text: Luke 23:39-43

Psalm 9:13-14


            Let’s do a little contextual up-ramping before we read the passage containing Jesus so-called “second word” or “expression” from the cross. The scene is chaotic, turbulent, noisy. Dozens, scores, maybe even hundreds are milling around the scene of Jesus’ execution. He is hanging on the middle cross. Hanging on His left and right are two others who are simply referred to by Luke as “criminals.”

"Jesus' First Expression: Forgive"

Text: Luke 23:34

Matthew 18:21-35


            On this 1st Sunday of Lent, we begin a sermon series which will carry us through the next six Sun- days, and will conclude on the Thursday of Holy Week which we call “Maundy Thursday.” Over these weeks, we will explore Jesus’ last seven words – or perhaps a better way to put it is Jesus’ “last seven expressions” – as recorded by evangelists Mark, Luke and John.

"Why Do We Have to Keep Doing This?"

Text: Exodus 12:11b-14, 25-27

Luke 22:14-20


            Many years ago when my son Lou was in elementary school, he sat at the dining room table evening-after-evening writing those ghastly multiplication tables. He knew that however many times he did it, two times two would always equal four, and nine times five would always equal forty-five, and seven times nine would always equal sixty-three. Being more logical than academic, Lou asked a very logical question: “Why do I have to keep doing this?”


Text: 2 Peter 3:1-10, 14-15a

Jude 3-4, 17-25


The book of the Bible called The Second Letter of Peter was written with a very specific purpose in mind: to expose false teachers and the worldliness which motivates them. During the first generation or two of the Christian movement, there were evidently many who were teaching and preaching things contrary to the apostolic teachings of those who actually walked with Jesus during His earthly ministry; the motivations of these false teachers perceived as being impure and self-serving. 

"I Can and I Will!"

Text: Matthew 15:32-39

Philippians 4:13, 19-20

 One of the most widely-recognized gospel stories is about loaves and fishes, often called “the feeding of the five thousand.” Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all record this episode of Jesus ministering to the crowds late in the day, well past the supper hour.

"God's Unmerited Grace"

Text: Matthew 20:1-16

Ephesians 2:8-10


            There’s a story of an African-American man whose house had been newly painted. Within days, someone had spray painted graffiti all over it. He wondered who would have done such a thing in his quiet, peaceful neighborhood. He was, needless to say, angry, and at first thought the act must have been racially-motivated.

"For God So Loved"

Text: John 3:16

Psalm 18:16-19


            Many of us are familiar with the story of Jesus and a Pharisee by the name of Nicodemus. For the benefit of those who are not, Nicodemus was a well-respected leader within the religious community in Jerusalem. But unlike his colleagues in the temple, he was sympathetic to Jesus. He saw something in the guy.

"Joy, the Journey's End"

Text: Matthew 2:1-12

Isaiah 60:1-3

            It was July of 1967. I was eleven. My sister Lore was eight. It was family vacation time, and our destination was Colonial Williamsburg. I recall it was dark outside as we stuffed our luggage into the trunk of my dad’s powder blue Nash.

“Sitting in the Temple after the Holiday”

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